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When you need septic services, Superior Septic is the right choice for you.

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As a home or business owner with property on a septic system, you understand the importance of keeping your septic tank in good, working condition. But occasionally, your septic tank may overflow, often at the worst of times. To prevent septic tank overflow, your septic tank should be properly maintained. Superior Septic offers a range of septic services in Bakersfield, CA and all of Kern County, including emergency septic tank pumping, acid treatment, and septic inspections.

Whether you are experiencing an emergency overflow or just need regularly scheduled septic services, you can rely on your professional Bakersfield septic company, Superior Septic. After receiving your call, our experienced technicians will arrive to your location as fast as possible to help you get your septic system in working condition again.


  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Septic Tank Maintenance, Including Chemical Treatment
  • Septic Tank Inspections and Certification
  • Septic Tank Abandonment
  • Tie Into City Sewer
  • Septic Tank System Installation
  • Leach Line / Septic Drain Field and Seepage Pit Installation
Contractors License Number: CSL # 1061446
Classification C-42 & C-36
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Our Superior Septic Services

Superior Septic Pump Truck

Septic Tank Pumping

We can regularly pump your septic tank to remove scum and sludge from within the tank, which helps to keep the system working its best.

Superior Septic Work Truck

Septic Inspections + Certifications

Our team can provide septic certification certifying that your system was professionally inspected and determined to be functioning or malfunctioning.

Septic System Repairs

Our fully-trained and highly-experienced technicians can repair and replace your septic systems so that your yard or ground water remains contamination-free.

Septic Tank Abandonment + Hookup to Sewer

If your property has an old septic tank that’s no longer in use, we provide tank abandonment + hookup to sewer services that comply with local codes.

Seepage Pits Installation

If you don’t have the space to run leach lines or your soil doesn’t percolate the way it should, a seepage pit can provide a solution. We can install your seepage pit in a timely manner.

Infiltration + Leach Lines Installation

Our infiltration and leach lines installation services are designed to set up systems that remain efficient to reduce the risk of failure.